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Which 2010 World Cup table is the best one? - 09/06/2010

Our experts have analyzed 11 World Cup tables from Brazilian and European websites, to check how easy it is to use and to understand them. In summary how well they meet the fans needs and expectations.

In general, the tables had very basic problems:

None of all evaluated tables stood out as a good example to be followed. However, after our experts had finished analyzing the tables, the Brazilian website UOL published an updated version of their table, with improvements such as a version for printing and an interactive simulator.

The Spanish website Marca came up with a table which is very different from all the others we looked at. We did not analyze it, but we believe it's worth a visit, just to check it out.

The easiest and clearest table we have come across is actually an Excel spreadsheet which has been circulating the internet for a while. It was created by Pablo Camino in 2002. If you would like to try it out, please download it here.

We have also prepared a one-page summary of this study for downloading: "Fans suffer with World Cup tables".

Mercedes Sanchez, Fernando Oliveira and Diogo Degaki
Usability experts responsible for this study

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