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Usability on e-commerce product pages - 17/05/2009

Over the last few years both purchasing power and internet access has risen in Brazil. These factors contribute to an increased use of e-commerce web sites. However, another factor which is important to the rise of online purchasing is a positive buying experience.

Three specialists at Mercedes Sanchez Usabilidade analyzed the product pages of 15 major Brazilian e-commerce web sites.

It is important for e-commerce web sites to pay attention to their product pages, because consumers often use search engines and get directly to the product they are looking for.

For this study similar or typical product pages from each web site were chosen. All of the 15 e-commerce web sites analyzed violated basic usability principles, which cause them to lose sales.

During the analysis the specialists scored the web sites. The web sites with the highest scores were those with the fewest usability problems. However, even these web sites have a lot that they can do to improve usability and increase sales.

The web sites with the lowest scores were those with the most usability problems.

Summary to download

We have prepared a summary of the main results of the study, including the problems found on the product pages of the 15 e-commerce web sites and the recommendations to improve these pages.

Download a summary of the study here.

To find out more about the study, please contact us.

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