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How to cut calls - 29/10/2009

The team at Mercedes Sanchez Usability analyzed what the main usability problems of 12 web sites are, how much they cost the companies and what can be done to avoid them.

In this independent study we analyzed how consumers’ needs are met by the web sites: are they able to easily find information they need and use online services, or are they forced to make a call to the company’s call center to carry out the tasks they want.

We invited 60 consumers to access the 12 web sites, in their own homes, and monitored remotely how they navigated on each web site to find out basic information. In addition to this, 4 usability specialists analyzed the web sites.

We evaluated the following web sites:

The consumers who participated in the remote testing were asked to carry out basic tasks on each web site. For example:

The tests and analysis revealed that most of the web sites do not help consumers carry out activities online, and instead, consumers are forced to call the call center. This is frustrating for the consumers and costly for the companies, who could reduce their costs by improving their web sites.

Summary to download

We have prepared a summary of the main results of the study with the problems detected in the analysis and in the usability tests, as well as recommendations from the specialists on how to fix these problems.

Download a summary of the study here.

To find out more about the study, please contact us.

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