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Handbook of Global User Research - 26/11/2009

The book, “Handbook of Global User Research”, is a manual not only for usability and user experience professionals who deal with global studies, but also for those who want to improve their expertise, especially in planning and preparing projects.

A team of 53 professionals, with a lot of experience in carrying out studies in different countries, talk about what they have learnt and share their knowledge and experience in this book which is full of practical information.

The book follows the stages of a typical project and talks about preparation, field work, analysis, presenting results and managing a global study. Problems, solutions, unusual cases and funny cases are all described, as well as many lessons straight from real life experiences in field and lab work.

Mercedes Sanchez is one of the co-authors, in collaboration with other professionals who make up UXa- User Experience Alliance, an international network of companies specialized in usability. The author of the book is the specialist Robert Schumacher. Find out more about the book in UXa's website.

The release of the book took place on World Usability Day 2009, in various countries. Here in Brazil, the co-author Mercedes Sanchez presented and raffled the book during the World Usability Day São Paulo event. See the photos.

Comments about the book

Various professionals from large companies have commented on the book.

“Even with 30 years of HCI experience, and now managing UI teams located in 8 countries that collaboratively create software for multinational customers, I found a lot of gems in this new handbook.”
Daniel Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, SAP User Experience

“The authors share their secrets on global studies in a very easy to read form, and go well beyond previous texts that only cover cultural differences in the design process.”
Edmond W. Israelski, Senior Human Factors Scientist, Abbott

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Where to find it:

Editor Morgan Kaufman Publishers / Elsevier

Cover of the Handbook of Global User Research.

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